Y2K17 International Live Looping Festival | October 13 - 15, 2017

Artist Bios

Justin Brierley 

Composer/performer Justin H Brierley has been making music under variations of  the moniker Banter for 20 years. As Banter Solo Trio he creates melodic ambient loops using a Theremini as both an instrument and as a controller for other synthesizers. He is also half of the creative team behind Painted Records





Alexander Dupuis

Alexander Dupuis creates time-based works using sound, light, and movement. His practice draws on the fields of experimental music/film/animation, particularly those areas that explore alternative notions of space and time.






An admirer of classical music and musical theater, Cynthia Webster creates avant pop tunes using folk music idioms mixed with soundscapes using musical saw, voice, found objects, hurdy hurdy and effects. An award winning sawist, she has frequented the International Musical Saw Festival, New York Saw Festival, San Francisco and Dublin Fringe Festival, trees, film libraries, and BART. Cynthia has been described as, “One who does more with her voice and saw than you have ever done with anything else.”





HOST - Alex Maddalena

Host is the instrumental project of Providence musician Alex Maddalena. Host's eponymous debut LP—released in 2014 on London-based label, Aloe Music—utilized layered guitar loops as foundational elements for more lyrical and rugged explorations in melody, tension, and release. Host's upcoming album builds upon these foundations with experiments in linear progressions with homages to classical traditions.






Jim Goodin

I used to think of myself as a musician but as time goes by I think of myself more akin to a sound maker that at times makes sounds that connect to what might be called 'music'.  I've always come to music with some degree of struggle, at times worrying I was 'tone deaf' and often going to great lengths to confirm that I wasn't.  I'm not sure that ever mattered.  It's said Robert Fripp thought the same thing. So that was then and what do I do playing at several instruments, the guitar, oud, violin electric, lap steel, clarinet, flute, native flute. For many years I was under the spell of the late Michael Hedges and for 25 years created and performed solo guitar pieces with him in mind. About year 2K I began to feel that garden as the expression goes needed a rest and I began exploring other instruments, other textures, using looping and effects, found textures at times and began to think in terms of creating sounds music spontaneously.  In 2007 I began to worik with fellow artist Daryl Shawn in a duo we named Chinapainting.  That duo pushed me over the edge to rarely return from the world of creating on the fly, improvising if you will.






A duo from different states playing on stage for the first time. Chris Anderson plays violin and a slew of other 4-string instruments. He currently plays folk-influenced experimental jams with the group Monkee Head in Providence, RI. He manages AS220's Media Arts program which provides public access to analog and digital media equipment, space, and workshops.


Thomas Bell has performed live improvised looping for the last 16 yrs throughout the United States on electric bass, keyboards, alto clarinet, voice and laptop and basically anything else that makes sound. He has extensively explored prepared instrumentation as well as circuit bent electronics and has been recently been exploring live looping and manipulation with multiple battery powered cassette decks just to get away from having to be plugged in the grid. His project Gemini (2003 - 2012) along with Gregg Jarvis, created live improvised compositions through looping and live sampling in EDM and free jazz.  He has performed solo under the name ADDJ, table:artist, and twin:72 using Ableton Live, Electrix Repeater and numerous other looping devices creating improvised sonic environments that are both compositionally based and abstract simultaneously. He is the founding artistic director of Spread Art, a Detroit based non profit focusing the creation of new artistic works through their residency and presenting programs.



Ed Osborn

Ed Osborn works with many forms of electronic media including installation, video, sound, and performance.  He has received grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Creative Work Fund, and Arts International and been awarded residencies from the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, the Banff Centre, STEIM (Amsterdam), and EMPAC (Troy, NY).  He has presented his work at SFMOMA (San Francisco, CA), the singuhr-hörgalerie (Berlin, Germany), Artspace (Sydney, Australia), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Kiasma (Helsinki, Finland), and MassMOCA (North Adams, MA), He is Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department at Brown University (Providence, RI).





Dave Seidel

Dave Seidel is an independent composer/performer based in southern New Hampshire. His piece “~60 Hz” was released in 2014 as a CD on the Irritable Hedgehog label. He has a number of netlabel releases under the name “mysterybear” as well as under his own name, and he frequently releases one-off tracks on SoundCloud. Upcoming festivals appearances: Electronic Music Midwest (IL) and North Country Electronic Music Festival (VT)







Christopher Sadlers

Christopher Sadlers is a musician from Providence, RI.





Arvid Tomayko

Arvid Tomayko is an experimental musician and multimedia artist interested in exploring the intersection of expressive improvised electronic music and process driven composition. His pieces are realized as unique sound and visual performance systems that alternately focus or expand the capabilities of the performer and question what “now” means on different timescales. Tomayko earned his BA in Computer Music and Geological Sciences from Brown University.


















Randy Branch (PA)

Antonio Forte

Sinister Machine

Martin Janiček


Ky Why

House Red

Matthew Morales

Philippe Ollivier (FR)

Asha Tamirisa (BOS)

Jules Taylor (NY)

Nick Cooper











Hideki Nakanishi

Live looping electric mandolin player/luthier from Osaka, Japan, Hideki Nakanishi spends most of his time in his Sol Anemo workshop, building special order handcraft stringed instruments for superior musicians with his fine touch, and when that touch comes to music he creates with many looping pedals and one electric mandolin to spend the rest of his time on. In his music you will hear Nature, Life and Mountains in Nara where he grew up. He has uploaded a series of his improvisation music called "Diary in the Sound Image" on YouTube. Hideki Nakanishi aka mandoman originally played as a main act at the "Y2K International live looping Festival" in Santa Cruz, CA in 2005 and has been going back to play at that festival every year ever since. In 2014 he traveled to Singapore for the Asia International live looping Festival and this year to the Mexico International Live Looping Festival, and numerous local tours throughout Japan.






WD-41 is the duo of Willie Oteri (guitar, flute and live loops) and Dave Laczko (trumpet and delays). Following a well received 2009 debut release, titled WD-41, the duo teamed with the talents of beat jockey and multi-instrumentalist Dino J.A. Deane (John Zorn, Jon Hassell, Bill Frisell) and drummer Scott Amendola (Nels Cline, Charlie Hunter) for an extension of their exploratory sonic trip. The readers of All About Jazz voted WD-41 to the number 24 spot in the “Top 50 Most Recommended Reviews of 2009.” and number 44 in the “Top 100 Most Recommended Reviews of All Time,” also at AAJ and Temi Per Cinema was one of the Top 3 Editors picks in Guitar Player Magazine for December 2010. Their 2nd release, WD-41+2 Temi Per Cinema, brings us another exciting, totally improvised, exploratory journey. It was released digitally on July 13, 2010 with the CD release on August 24, 2010. Temi Per Cinema was recorded direct to two tracks in Oteri’s home with Deane and Amendola’s improvised tracks added later while still retaining that “live vibe.” Glenn Astarita at All About Jazz wrote about WD-41; “…a spacey trip; chock full of loops, streaming synth noises, and fractured sojourns into the cosmic void. The musicians fuse maniacal psychedelia with free-form improvisation. Oteri makes his guitar weep in concert with otherworldly implementations…” Barry Cleveland of Guitar Player wrote: “you will be hallucinating by the time it’s over whether or not you were when it began”. Willie Oteri’s musical versatility and talent has propelled him to collaborations and performances with J. A. Deane (of John Zorn, Bill Frisell), Scott Amendola (of Nels Cline, Charlie Hunter), Tony Levin (of Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, John Lennon), Pat Mastelotto (of King Crimson, XTC), Mike Keneally (of Frank Zappa), Jerry Marotta (of Peter Gabriel), Stu Hamm (of Joe Satriani, SteveVai) Ronan Chris Murphy (producer/mixer) and many others. In recent years, it is Oteri's role as an improviser, composer and band leader which has garnered him increasing notoriety, coupled with his notable unique style on guitar. Dave Laczko has been on the Austin Texas music scene for many years performing with Barron’s of Rhythm and pianist Mel Winters among others. Laczko was also a radio DJ for KAZI in Austin for 14 years and a prominent member of Tower Records in Austin which is sadly now closed. Laczko’s experimental trumpet playing is a driving force in WD-41 and shows his ability to fit in to any improvised situation.





Zero Times Infinity

Zero Times Infinity has been exploring experimental music, performance art, live sampling, loopers, atypical instrumentation and  improvisation since their formation over 20 years ago. In 1995 Deftly-D (David Dodson) worked with Rick Destefano (Ennui, Technology Will Fail) and Chris 'the Hex' Castiglione (Ukuphambana) to start what was for Deftly and Chris their first band. In the beginning, Zero Times Infinity solely incorporated the use of junk, and found or borrowed equipment including reel to reel tape recorders, micro-cassette recorders, bed rails, fertilizer spreaders and parts of the environments they recorded or performed within. The first tape release, Insomnolence , received positive feedback from Jon Whitney of Brainwashed.com and Tyler Newman of Battery Cage and Informatik and was compared by numerous reviewers to Nurse With Wound, John Cage and Iannis Xenakis. Experiments have covered ground ranging from arranged compositions based on lessons from Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mikrophonie, to performance art that intentionally pushed typically complacent audiences to revolt by using bondage, and confrontation, to exploring fusions of musical genres and influences that are rarely juxtaposed. Over the years, various talented members have come and gone including Maria Moran or Zipper Spy, Roland Adams of Battery Cage, Mike D'Errico of The Attic Bats, and Adam Jenson of Grenadier, but Deftly-D and Chris have remained at the core of every performance without ever losing sight of the principles that ZTI was founded upon; uncompromising experimentation and evolution from lessons learned from past experiments.



Laurie Amat - Artistic Director of PVDLoop

Laurie Amat, improvisational vocalist, explores the vast possibilities of human sound, focusing on the power of pure voice, breath and body to convey a direct expression of human emotion, with sounds ranging from angel voices to skin peeling multiphonic cacophony, and occasionally, the glorious Theremin. She has performed and recorded site-specific architectural and electronic works in settings such as cisterns and overpasses, and formal venues such as Museo di Santa Giulia (Brescia, IT); Silos at Bergen Arkitekthøgskulen (Bergen, NO); DeYoung Museum (SF, CA); and the Rockefeller Chapel (Chicago, IL). She most recently performed in the DotAir Festival in the 1 Park Place Garage, Pawtucket. Her collaborators include the late computer music pioneer Max Mathews at CCRMA Stanford; Avant-Garde legends The Residents (SF, CA); Sonisk Blodbad (NO); Flos (IT); Deutsche Nepal (SE) and Timeghost Adam Morosky (Providence, RI). Laurie works with multi-instrumentalist Emmanuel Reveneau (FR) in the duo Shores of Latency, including their multi-country European Loop Festival Tour and most recently their “No Scandals”  Tour at Loop festivals in California, a residency at Providence’s AS220 and performances in Providence and Massachusetts. Ms. Amat is a resident artist curator at AS220, a core member of the Tenderloin Opera Company and is a recurring performer in Shey Rivera’s Luna Loba/Wolf Moon series. Her solo projects include "Urban Cathedrals”, live resonant performance and recording, and her multimedia piece, “Ballast-A Study in the Stress of Memory and Survival”



About PVDLoop

The Second Annual Providence Y2K16 International Live Looping Festival (PVDLoop) comes back to AS220 October 13th, 14th and 15th. The festival presents national and international live looping artists along with a large local presence - music in multiple genres including pop, jazz, folk experimental improvisation, ambient and beatbox. This is the second year of the festival and continues to be the only East Coast satellite festival of the Y2K International Live Looping Festival.


Artistic Director Laurie Amat | Participating Artists + Volunteers

Managing Producers Corinne Wahlberg and Stuart Window | Press, Sponsorship, + Hospitality



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