Ian Charles Bouras is a guitarist and producer from New York City. 

Ian was nominated by Billboard Magazine to be among the top songwriters in 2004 and 2005 for his guitar, bass and mixing work with rock/reggae band AñaVañAon on their second release entitled "R*U*B" (2005), which was called:  “Sophisticated and musically brilliant… a magnetic hybrid of music… a refreshing 2nd full length record… a distinct sound-from shy to outright strident” --- RACHEL ROKICKI (The Deli Magazine)


Ian's solo releases on SDMP Records have also earned him much critical acclaim:"could easily be heralded as the quintessential ambient composer but there is so much more to his music." --- Vents Magazine


Since receiving his audio engineering degree, Ian has produced, mixed, and played guitar and bass on records in all genres from rock to spoken word, and is now working as a freelance audio engineer. 


He was diagnosed with Ataxia,a relatively unknown neurological condition that impacts his ability to play guitar the way he would like, his coordination is starting to slowly deteriorate. To continue composing and playing music, Ian began to experiment with live looping. He has appeared on TV, toured, and been written about in the press. While sharing his music, he also tries to spread awareness of Ataxia, performs yearly at The National Ataxia Foundation booth at The Abilities Expo, and strives to show people that "no matter what holds you back, you will find a way to do what you love." In his case, write and play music. Ian first performed at the PVDLoop Festival in 2017, where he also gave a workshop about his approach to playing and composing, due to the issue Ataxia has presented him with.


Absence is his first live looping CD. All the guitars were live looped, and recorded on one track. A short video below "The Making of Absence" explains how and why Ian made Absence:


As Ian said "I am not thrilled about having Ataxia, but I am happy to be forging my own path, and am the first person, that I know of, to be doing what I'm doing. I get to be a composer, musician, and audio engineer all at the same time, and not a lot of people get to do that, so I am lucky. People do live looping, but not like this!"

Ian is continuing his engineering work on several projects to be released throughout 201

8, and is in pre-production for his next solo offering.


Photo Credit: James Lastowski

manu pour y2k18.jpg


The music of Emmanuel Reveneau a.k.a The lucid brain integrative project is at the crossroads of free improvisation, realtime orchestration, atheorical instrument self-learning and deep software conception. In other words, it's all about elaborating on the fly some music vaguely inspired by jazz and stuff like Soft Machine with the home-made software "Noundo", and poor instrumental skills, and it sounds good sometimes, if wacky. Emmanuel headlined at the Y2K14 in Santa Cruz and produces loopfests in France and throughout Europe since 2013, the so-called Loop Jubilee series. He also creates and performs with Laurie Amat in the duo SHORES OF LATENCY, which was nominated for a Dorry Award the first time they played Providence in 2015.


Photo credit: Michael Peters



MANDOMAN - Hideki Nakanishi


Live looping electric mandolin player/luthier from Nara, Japan, Hideki Nakanishi spends most of his time in his Sol Anemo workshop, building special order handcraft stringed instruments for superior musicians with his fine touch, and when that touch comes to music he creates with many looping pedals and one electric mandolin to spend the rest of his time on. In his music you will hear Nature, Life and Mountains in Nara where he grew up. He has uploaded a series of his improvisation music called "Diary in the Sound Image" on YouTube. Hideki Nakanishi aka mandoman originally played as a main act at the "Y2K International live looping Festival" in Santa Cruz, CA in 2005 and has been going back to play at that festival every year ever since. In 2014 he traveled to Singapore for the Asia International live looping Festival and this year to the Mexico International Live Looping Festival, and numerous local tours throughout Japan.



Manami & Draztik.jpg

Creative Manami Braxton

and Draztik


(Written by the Director) Manami Braxton is so many things, a true vocal artist, a writer and poet, a fearless performer who has lived what she talks about. No word or sound comes out of her mouth without being a truth. There is a brutal beauty that can be heartbreaking, but never weak, and challenges anyone who has ever heard her. Last year her producer and brother Draztik (a poet/performer in his own right) stepped in at the last minute and killed it with his on the fly looping and beats, and is coming back again. Creative Manami and Draztik are a force, and I'm honored to have them back.


Muggs Fogarty (they/them) is a writer, performer, and vocalist from Providence, RI. Muggs is a resident of AS220, a member of Angels Collective, and the host of

Total Babe Hour

on 101.1 WVVX ProComRad.

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WD-41 with Dark Matter Horns


Willie Oteri - tenor sax and flute, 

Dave Laczko- effected trumpet and live loops, 

Nicholas Cooper– guitar and live loops. 


Willie Oterihas been an integral part off the Austin avant garde jazz scene since the '90s starting with his group MateMaToot in '98 later morphing into the popular group Jazz Gunn. After moving to Italy in 2003 Oteri released Spiral Out with bassist Tony Levin and drummer Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson fame. He later worked with Stu Hamm, Jerry Marotta, JA Deane and many others. Oteri returned to Austin in 2008 and formed the duo WD-41 with Laczko and after two well received albums Oteri switched his focus from guitar to tenor sax and flute and DarkMatterHorns was born.

"Whatever is in Willie Oteri's water, I think it's high time that it was poured into the two dimensional cesspool which is what some of the homogenized and pasteurized modern music industry has become today." ---Bruce Stringer (Music street jounal)

"This is one of those CDs that entirely deserves to be heard by anyone who likes to live inside exotically compelling musical environments. It's rather beautiful too."--Gapplegate Music"

Trumpeter Dave Laczkohas been a member of the Austin jazz scene for over 30 years, beginning in the trumpet section of Prime Swing in 1980. From 1987 to 2001, he hosted “Cookin’ and Relaxin’” on KAZI radio and was voted “Jazz Deejay Deserving Wider Recognition” in the 2000 Austin Chronicle Critics Poll. In addition to his work with Oteri he has performed and recorded with names like looping pioneer JA Deane and drummer Scott Amendola.


Providence's own Nicholas Cooper– guitar- An active performer, composer, and educator, Cooper has over 10 years of private lesson experience, and carries a degree in guitar from the University of Rhode Island, where he graduated with the school’s Award for Musical Excellence in 2008. In addition, he has also toured the United States and Canada with original bands since 2005.He is also a member of local act Troop or Echoes.


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Photo credit: Richard Ricardo Acevedo



From the frozen wastes of New England comes Snowbeasts – aka Raab Codec, Component Recordings label head honcho with contributing vocals from Elizabeth Virosa of Pattern Behavior – with a sound like dire warnings from the future or a strange memory from the past. Snowbeasts music is haunting, charting soundscapes vague and unfamiliar while hinting at buried dreams frozen in time. Drawing on a variety of sources, Snowbeasts excels at creating enigmatic portraits of unknown regions and forgotten worlds. Anything is fair game and nothing is forbidden. Single instruments are torn from their normal uses, modified and rebuilt into orchestras of sonic depth. Found sounds undergo transformation until their origins are forever obscured, their new forms revealing alien timbres. Vocal textures supplied by Ms. Virosa morph from choral chants into haunting drones and eerie sound forms. Textures are warped in the bowels of digital forges to become newly born, hammered from raw ones and zeros into weapons of sound. Modular and analog synthesis reveal the sweet meaty texture of tones before metamorphosing into warped forms barely reminiscent of their former selves.




Kristina Warren is a sound artist, improviser, and composer based in Providence. Her work - which ranges from building and playing unique analog-digital instruments, to composing for electro/acoustic chamber ensembles - centers individual and collective acts of listening and making noise. Recent events include Spektrum [DE], Interfaces [CY], and Ephémère [NL].

Photo credit: Paul Turowski




Power tools, home made tape delays, pocket change, Styrofoam, glass

bowls, children's toys, refrigerators, sledgehammers, and more have

been used over the years in countless improvisational performance

experiments conducted by Zero Times Infinity since 1995. Now

performances are rare but never trivial.


Zero Times Infinity was founded by Deftly-D with Chris Castiglione and

Rick Destefano and has been joined by a rotating cast of past members

that include members of The Vomit Arsonist, Battery Cage, }hexdump{,

ZipperSpy, State Vector Collapse, Grenadier, GASR, Informatik, Kai

Niggeman and O.J.A.M.O.J.  Almost all performances are improvised

performance experiments.

DSC07765Photo Credit- James Lastowski D_

Laurie Amat

explores the vast possibilities of human sound, using the power of pure voice, breath and body to express visceral human emotion and story. She performes and records site-specific architectural and electronic works in cisterns, concrete overpasses, abandoned factories; and special venues such as Museo di Santa Giulia (Brescia, IT); Bergen Arkitekthøgskulen (NO); The DeYoung Museum (SF, CA); The Peabody Conservatory (MD), CCRMA at Stanford, and the University of Chicago’s Rockefeller Chapel.  Her collaborators have included the late computer music pioneer Max Mathews, Avant-Garde legends The Residents,  Sonisk Blodbad (Bergen, NO), Timeghost-Adam Morosky (PVD), Shores of Latency with Emmanuel Reveneau (FR) and Flos (IT).


Ms. Amat is also the Founder and Artistic Director of the Y2K18 Providence International Live Looping Festival (PVDLoop), which is presented on October 12th and 13th at AS220 in Providence, RI. But you know that!!!


Photo Credit: James Lastowski