Welcome back to the Loop

After a one-year hiatus, The PVDLoop Festival is back!

Over a year and a half ago all of our lives were turned upside down. It's been (and still is) surreal, and for many of us indescribably tragic. For so long it was impossible to imagine that there was anything but loss and sadness.

But ultimately,  in a combination of surprising resilience, the siren call of music, and our commitment to keep the PVDLoop  alive, we’re creating something a little different than usual. 

We're celebrating our 5th year with a special 2 Night / 2 Week streaming presentation on October 17th and 24th,  produced in collaboration with AS220 Sessions, and edited by Kevin Steinhauser.


All of this year's performers are returning PVDLoop Artists. Our "Locals" were recorded live by Kevin and his amazing crew in the Black Box, and special new Loopfest videos were created by our "Out of Towners”.


This year we're reflecting on where we've been, and celebrating where we're going.

We're doing more than surviving, we're thriving, adapting, and moving forward in "The New Paradigm!" 

Please join us!