The Providence Y2K International Live Looping Festival is returning for a 4th year in a brand new home! The newly reopening Goodwill Engine Co. will be hosting PVDLoop for 2 nights, featuring over 20 local, national and international musicians of so many genres, bringing a sound and visual experience for all audiences! This year we've got an even stronger local presence enabling you to experience looping in all its forms, AND with all its surprises!


You know you've heard it, but might never have even realized it.


The Y2K Festival Network has been celebrating music for 19 years, in over 75 cities in 25 countries. Providence is the first and only East Coast Festival city. The local talent alone is a reason to come and check us out. This year we have both new and returning players from as far away as Japan, who just come here for the joy of playing, and to spend time in our beautiful city! 


It's been a challenging year but we're back, we're here, and we are so excited to see you again!